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The kids go to Holland Christian every wednesday for homeschool kids to take, gym, art, spanish etc…  Today was their first day.  Socialization isn’t a problem for homeschoolers, just look at ‘em!

  • Kendra Maloni Linde - That’s hysterical! Still thankful you wanted a picture since Nick though he could go barefoot to school!

  • Bruce Henderson - I love Hattie’s shirt!

Earlier this month we spend a week at The Cabin.  This was our first time going for longer than an extended weekend since our honeymoon. It was so fun, we got to settle in and enjoy our time there.  I think that this might have to become a regular thing!

Huck is singing, “I’m on a boat!”140804-Cabin week-001140805-Cabin week-002140805-Cabin week-003140805-Cabin week-004140805-Cabin week-005Name: Snap140805-Cabin week-006140805-Cabin week-007140805-Cabin week-008140805-Cabin week-009140806-Cabin week-010140806-Cabin week-011140806-Cabin week-012Jared caught the only fish of the entire week.  A large bluegill.  He was holding it up, posing for  a picture when it flopped from his hands.  The fish fell smack on Winfield’s big toe and one of it’s spiky fins pierced under his toenail and came out the side.  There was blood dripping on the dock.  This was the same toe that had been nearly broken a week before by a flying frozen smoothie and was in ongoing painful treatment for 31 warts.  cursed.
140806-Cabin week-013140808-Cabin week-014140808-Cabin week-015140808-Cabin week-016140808-Cabin week-017

  • Lisa Koedyker - Looks like a beautiful place for a family vacation! What a blessing to have that in your family! Memories from your childhood & for your children & on & on! Love it!

  • Bruce Henderson - Fabulous pictures of a perfect summer place!

The explorers spend 5 1/2 hours hiking in the morning.  They climbed Kirk Dietrich’s climb, about an hour of stone staircase.  Then summited the second tallest mountain in Acadia, Dorr Mountain.  The kids took turns leading and kid in the lead got to set the pace and chose when breaks happen.  Apparently Harriet is a “Slave Trader” acceding to Win because she sets a grueling pace and never stops for breaks.After a morning of hiking they made it down to the beach for 3:00 low tide.  2 1/2 hours were spent rummaging through tide pools, catching starfish, crabs and an eel.  They found a smallish tide pool that acted as a jail for the creatures that they caught.  For a while Harriet was the jail keeper and would yell whenever a catch was attempting to escape.


Jared’s been sending me updates from his iPhone.  We envisioned a trip to Acadia with the kids nearly 4 years ago.  The first time we went there we talked a lot about how we wanted to come back with kids.  Yesterday they traveled, got sushi in the airport, and took “every single type of transportation.: according to Harriet.  From car, to shuttle bus, to airport train, to airplane, to rental car they did a lot of traveling.  Huge outdoor movies in a park by the ocean next to their hotel.2 kids in 1 bed.  Oh how I love those 2!At the summit of one of Acadia’s mini mountains.  Classic Acadia hiking

  • Bruce Henderson - Great summer vacation. Wish I was there too!