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Jared, Win and Harriet headed out this morning for a 6 day trip to Acadia, leaving Dale, Huck and me behind.  I’m so excited for them.  Last year Jared and I went to Acadia and talked about how we wanted to bring the kids back when they were old enough.  Doing the math and realizing that Win would be 13 when Huck is 5 we realized that a family hiking trip was a ways off.  So Jared and the big kids are off touring national parks and the littles and I are holding down the fort.  Dale was bit sad that she didn’t qualify as a big kid.  But she’ll get a turn too.  I already miss them!


For the past several months Winfield has been toting around his stuffed fox, James.  James follows Win pretty much everywhere.  At meals he gets a bite.  When Win reads James sits so that he can see the pages and read too.  One time Win read without James.  Later I saw Win flipping thorough the pages and  sticking James’s nose in each page.  I asked Win what he was doing.  He explained, “James is catching up.”  James has gained some friends, Snowey the white tiger and Splash the red-tailed hawk.  They stick together and follow Win around.

This morning Win was working on his homeschool but his entourage was not with him.   I found them all in the dining room playing homemade pan flutes.  

  • Benjamin Tennant - Love it! I want to see them in person.

  • Maria Straatsma - This is so incredibly awesome!!!!

I was trying to think of a title for this picture.  There are just too many things to say about these 3 friends.  Sooooo much has gone on and so much history.  I’ve lived with all 3 at some point.  (not REALLY with Kendra but few could argue that we don’t live together now).  And I can’t imagine my life without their influence, support and love.  And we had the pleasure of all having our last babies at nearly the same time.

From riding an abandon horse up a mountain, to staying up waaaaay too late talking about boys, to the way that we communally raise our kids.  We’ve aged together and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks for a fun night of food, kids playing, and jamming’ the 90′s Christian radio hits.  Rich Mullins, PFR, Audio A, Keith Green, Petra kept the night alive.

  • Carrie Tennant Shumaker - Love!

  • Ceci LaBarge - Beautiful photo, beautiful friends!

We put sod in the backyard.  It was pretty amazing to have an instant lawn.The kids had to stay off of it for 2 weeks.  Here they are on it for the first time after that long snowy winter.