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Growing up we did Easter eggs a little differently.  We’ve taking the Dean method into our Henderson family, it works well for us.  Each kid has 2 egg colors.  We hid the eggs around the house according to the kid’s hunting skills and then they look for only their eggs.  I buy small lego sets and fill the eggs with a couple of legos in each and the instructions.  They also have coins, and pieces to a craft in their eggs.  Jared and I have a fun time hiding the eggs in creative places.

This is Dale’s favorite stuffed animal, named Leia.
You gotta look closely for your eggs!


After 30 odd years these Easter dresses have new owners

Back in 1986 or so, before moms spent their down time checking facebook, my mom stayed up nights sewing Easter dresses for my sister and me.  These dresses were the most special gowns e-ver.  They now have new owners, who are just as delighted with the lavender jackets, matching purses and tiny white belts.  Thanks for saving these Mom!

  • Bonnie Kindschi Dean - Oh Rachel! Wow!!
    Tears of joy! Forgot you had these!

  • Johanna Poole - You even have the purse and plastic necklace!

  • Melanie Mueller Zahn - Rachel! This is so sweet! I love it.

Why Unschooling intrigues me

I’m rounding out my second year of homeschooling.  My first year with 2 kids.  I’ve read some on homeschooling, not a ton as homeschooling books kinda stress me out.  I’m not an education type (I don’t have bins of organized crafts, poster-boards, and the words “group work” still make me cringe).  I never thought that I’d homeschool.  But of what I’ve read the stuff from John Holt about unschooling has surprised me.  Frankly, I figured myself to be more of a Classical education type.  But in doing this I keep seeing things that shock me and make me doubt.  I can’t tell you how many times I have to say things like “stay on task” and “have you finished your___ yet?”  The teeth pulling that goes on over things that my kids are totally capable of doing in 3 minutes and they drag out for over an hour.  But then once we’re done with homeschooling for the day they play.  And when they play they do stuff like this…on their own…for fun.  And then I wonder if I should just quit the workbooks, sticker based completion charts, and full on unschool.  I’m kind of a homeschool schizophrenic, doing one method one month and then another the next.  But this is where we are in this education process.

Harriet whipped this together on her own during some free crafting time.  If I had assigned this there would have been weeping and gnashing of teeth and it would have take several hours.


Harriet’s snowman

WARNING: Shameless art bragging ahead.

Harriet brought this home from school last month.  First a shout out to her art teacher Mrs Luce.  She does some really cool stuff with the kids.  Last week Harriet brought home a Chihuly inspired piece.  Anyway, Hariet showed me this snowman and said, “M
om, all the other kids put the nose on the side of his face so that it looked like it was sticking out the side of his head.  I put his nose here so that it looked like it was in the front.”