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Monthly Archives: January 2009

6 new teeth

Harriet is currently cutting 6 teeth. Her 2 front teeth, both canine teeth and 2 premolars are all peeking through. She’s been a champ. She really like to chew on our power toothbrush. Also, Win is doing MUCH better.  The doc put him on amoxicillin (his first time on and anti-biotic) and within 12 hours […]

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Some call him 4 eyes

After several months of coughing, and four days of fever, coughing, never-ending snot flowing from his nose and very little appetite we got Win some additional help. He’s been battling a nasty cough all winter. When I was a kid I had the same thing all winter long. Unfortunately he didn’t get his french horn […]

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Davis Isaiah

2 days ago Jared’s oldest brother and his wife welcomed their 3rd kid, Davis.  This will be cousin number 12 for Win and Harriet.  He is healthy and well.  Check out their blog for more details.

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Past the Christmas Rush

We had a wonderful little Christmas this year. Jared and I have never really done much gift giving to each other. Some years we’ll pick a big item that we both want and buy that. But usually we don’t really do anything for gifts. Don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas! We go to parties, […]

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