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Boys will be boys

Last night I discovered something about Win. He thinks it’s hilarious when I burp. I burped while holding him and he lost it – giggling and giggling. This prompted more burping from me, which in turn prompted more uncontrolled giggling from Win. He got so giggly that he would start laughing when I was breathing in getting ready to burp because he knew what was coming. I think this proves conclusively something about the nature of boys: no one has to teach them that belching is funny. It is hard-wired into their male nature. So anyway, I thought it was so cute I shot this video to share with all of you.

  • Jan - Never doubted that that was true. so cute!!!

  • Janna - that’s pretty funny. chloe loves to watch win on the “puter” :)

  • grma dean - THAT IS SO CUTE!

  • GG - Definitely an inborn trait of us guys. Can’t wait to see it live and inperson tonight!!!


  • jess - that is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen! what a silly guy.

  • beth - that is super funny, I guess it´s really true, boys will be boys!