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This morning, as I was cleaning up the bathroom from their morning bath, WIn and Harriet dashed out to the living room and plopped themselves in the reading chair together and began reading. They would climb in and out of the chair to get more books, but they insisted on reading together in the chair. Even after I dressed them, they continued to read together.

  • Jan - Those are just wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing those special moments.

  • Erin - Cherubs!

  • michelle - I’m curious their age difference? Only because mine are 20 months apart and I remember those exact days when my kids were small like yours and would pour over books together. So sweet! I wish I had taken pics like these when mine were small. :( Good on you for doing it!

  • Janna - So cute. Those are special memories :)

  • Bonnie - Too Cute! I love how they’re smiling and pointing.

  • Jen VH - These are beautiful! I love that you have a reading chair.

  • Jenny - sweet little ones, makes me want to squeeze them.

  • Denise - this may be my favorite post ever! especially the first two–their matching bellies, and their different smiles :)