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No More Tummy Time

So much for tummy time! Every time we put him on his tummy he demonstrates his superior athletic ability by promptly rolling over. He is only 3 weeks old. I know that we are first time parents and all but we think that this seems a bit early.

  • jess - that’s so incredible! and he’s on a flat surface? what an amazing guy.

  • Jan - This PT says that is VERY early. The question is: is he just so strong that he gets his head so high that he ‘accidentally’ goes over (normal) or has he figured out how to work that little trick when he wants to (superior grandbaby move.) I am guessing he gets a superior!!!! grandma jan

  • Jared - hard to say. his head definitely provides most of the momentum, but he cooperates by tucking his hand under. sometimes he will do it over and over every time, making it seem like hes doing it on purpose. other times he doesn’t want to do it.

  • Carrie - Haha Huge Head + Amazing Baby Strength + Drive to Excel = Win’s early rolling feat!

    That *is* amazing.

  • Carrie - P.S. Rachel, are you the photographer here? I love your use of natural light. I hate flash pictures. I need to figure out how to maximize the natural light though – to avoid blurriness that plagues my attempts. Do you use a tripod or monopod or do you just have really steady hands? The pics are beautiful.


  • Jared - calumny!

    …unless A & D ointment is a banned substance.

  • Sara - That’s nice. Esther hasn’t rolled over yet but we’re pretty sure its because of all the time she spends learning calculus and reading Shakespeare!

  • Jared - my boy’s not real smart, but he can lift heavy things.

  • Rachel Henderson - Carrie,
    Thank you. I too dislike the effects of a flash on photos. These pictures were takes very close to a large window in the middle of the day. Otherwise I too have difficulty with shake and blur. My number one photo trick is quantity. Take lots of pictures and sooner or later one will be in focus, steady and cute.

  • Carrie - Haha Rachel – I use the same trick!