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Our new Hybrid

This June our ’86 mazda Pickup bit the dust. Last Saturday our ’95 Stratus started billowing smoke and died on the side of the freeway. Facing a $1200 (and likely more) repair on a car with 190,000 miles we decided to retire Silvia, our Stratus.

My brother-in-law, Jason, mentioned that there is a new kind of Hybrid that we should look into. Something about half-car/half-horse? While we didn’t find exactly what he had described we found a reasonable solution. Better than a Hybrid, it doesn’t take gas. Powered by string cheese and spaghetti Win peddles us anywhere we want to go. Really, it’s a great mode of transportation.

  • Jan - Will there be room to bring the potatoes for Thanksgiving or more important Hattie?

  • Grandma Dean - How does this new transportation function in all the lake effect snow!?

  • christy pacanowski - andrew is reading blogs with me and just said “why is winn driving them around?”
    that pic is funny!

  • jess - you need a sidecar for harriet.

  • Denise - why so serious Jared? you solved the energy crisis!

  • Denise - I can’t wait to see Win! He’s getting so big!