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Our record breaker

At 9lbs 11oz Huck was our biggest.  Now, last night at 13 days old he became our earliest roller.  And that’s saying something because all of my kids have rolled over very early.  He did it so many times that I was able to get a video.  Enjoy!

Win rolling

Harriet rolling

I never did get a video or photos of Dale rolling over.



  • Rudy Dean - Not one bit surprised – He showed evidence of this at 5 days.
    Love the cheering from Harriet – You can do it! You can do it! You can do it!
    Go Huck! You’re a winner!

  • Melissa Lam - Huck!! Amazing!

  • Judi Bowman Delis - What out world Huck has arrived and is on the move! He has a great cheering squad!

  • Melanie Mueller Zahn - Wow!!!!!!! Amazing. So sweet :)

  • Cheri Tobey-Gibson - I love listening to his little sounds and he’s so strong wow

  • Carrie Tennant Shumaker - That was awesome! (Cheering section was spectacular too).