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It’s a hard life for a Huck.

  • Judi Bowman Delis - So cute!

  • Cheri Tobey-Gibson - Nothing better than a nap in front of the fireplace, go huck

  • Lynda Hadden Wilds - An absolutely beautiful God’s gift!!!

We left the hospital on Sunday.  Huck is all dressed up for the snow.  It was 55 degrees when we arrived at the hospital and a blizzard when we left.  Good thing we brought his snow suit.  This is also what Win wore home from the hospital.These amazing signs greeted us when we arrived home, made by Harriet and Dale.
And Win wrote this amazing letter.

Dear huckleberry.

Welcome to you’r home.

I love you. you our

cute.  you will soon

find we have some of

your possessions such as

you’r hat and your

Bottle wich googy (Dale’s nickname) will

Be using.


Thought bubble–“hello to the world’

Kids doting over their little brother.  He is very well loved.Dale suggested reading him a book-a self serving suggestion :-)Swaddling, Henderson style.  As soon as Jared finished he calmed right down.My THREE boys watching football on a sunday afternoon :-)

  • Judi Bowman Delis - Welcome home Huck! You don’t know it yet but you have a wonderful family, you will get lots of love & TLC. Happy first Thanksgiving!!

Here’s a few more shots of Huck. He’s having a pretty good first day out of the womb. Grandma Bonnie brought over Win, Harriet, and Dale for a meet and greet. He’s a good eater so far, but did not enjoy his bath.

All is well, thanks for the many prayers and well-wishes. Any West Michigan friends are welcome to stop by the hospital and visit anytime tomorrow (Saturday). We will likely be here much of Sunday too, so that would work as well.


  • Christy Pacanowski - So fun!!!!!

  • Jessica Henderson - awwww!!!!! he looks so big already – not like a newborn! he’s so cute, and the whole family looks pretty happy.

  • FrankenStacey Artinian - Glad to see the Henderbrow is going strong. :) congrats friends!

  • Laura Leonard - Congratulations! I’m so happy for you. What a beautiful family.

  • Melissa Lam - I will be there tomorrow! Can’t wait to meet him!

  • Jodi Wyatt Sotok - Congratulations…..he is a beautiful addition to your sweet famlty. So happy for you!

  • Kristine Ebright Sapak - Congratulations, Henderson family! Such a blessing!

  • Marilyn Koedyker - The world is a better place with another Henderson in it! Congrats to all!

  • Diane Meyer - Beautiful little guy! Our best to you all.

  • Barb Naylor-Tatterson - So happy for you all! He looks lovely!

Baby #4 arrived this morning at 9:23am.  Baby and mom are doing great.  He’s a big guy: 9 pounds, 11 ounces, 21 inches long.


His name is Huck. Huckleberry Jared Henderson. We plan to call him Huck mostly.


We’ll have lots more pictures in a few hours.

  • Dan Lam - Congratulations Hendeson family!

  • Jan Henderson - Yippeeee

  • Benjamin Tennant - Yes! What a great looking baby and a great name! Are you familiar with that line from the movie, “Tombstone?” “I’m yur huckleberry.” He owns turn of phrase now.

  • Keren Alvarado - Congratulations!!!

  • Danielle Besteman-Ruder - Congratulations Henderson family!! :-)

  • Kristina Bordewyk - Congratulations!!

  • Julie Wyse - Congrats!!!! cute name!!!

  • Sarah Powell - Hooray! Can’t wait to meet sweet baby Huck!!

  • Krista Schaffer - I’m so happy for you! Congratulations!!

  • Cheri Tobey-Gibson - Aaaaaah, new life

  • Christy Pacanowski - Oh Rachel and Jared… You are so blessed. So excited for you!!!

  • Lindsay Post - Congrats, you guys!!!

  • Christen Conner Bordenkircher - Welcome to the world Huck! Your life is bound to be full of adventure! Congrats Henderson fam!!

  • Simone Schartow Tennant - Yes!YES! YES! Congrats Hendersons!! Great job, Rachel! I LOVE the name. Perfect.

  • FrankenStacey Artinian - Congratulations Henderson family and welcome to the world, Huck!

  • Lisa Koedyker - I love all the awesome names in your family! What an adorable little addition is Huck! Congratulations to you all & great job Rachel!

  • Jayna Mistry-Toprani - Congratulations!!!!

  • Judith Brown - Congratulations :)

Things are moving along.  Doctor just broke Rachel’s water a few minutes ago.  She was already dilated  to an 8, so we’re getting pretty close.  Mom and baby are doing great.  We will probably have some pictures of the boy next.