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Her friend, Chloe’s, dad decided to coach a team of kindergardeners in Holland Rec soccer.  He rounded up Chloe’s friends from school and they got to play together.  Jared volunteered to assistant coach.  It was a fun, but very cold, season.  The first couple of games were in the snow.  Harriet’s team, The Red Hots, lived up to their name.  Although an official score was never kept it wasn’t hard to tell that they had an undefeated season.This is what it’s like to play defense for The Red Hots.Dale found a friend willing to share a blanket with her.
Harriet has this amazing way of running.  The faster she wants to run the more she tucks her chin in.  It’s so adorable!Celebration of another goal.
And the final Red Hots’ cheer.

  • Lisa Koedyker - How fun & adorable!

This june we spent a long week at The Cabin.  It was so nice, so peaceful.  Indiana fireworks, paddleboarding, eating outside, swimming, turtle catching and general chillaxing.  This spring we had a builder friend of ours build some bunk beds into the little second bedroom.  He did an amazing job!!  He comfortably puzzled sleeping for 8 into a room that’s smaller than many walk in closets.  It feels kind of like a boat.  The kids and Jared returning from their trip to the far side of the lake.  Jared ferried Dale and Win ferried Harriet.  Beautiful evening!The girls had a bit of a love hate relationship with the fireworks.  Watching from inside the bunk beds was preferred by both.


…holds his sister on the horse and Meijer, and kisses her on the head.  He’s very tender and kind.  Harriet, Dale and baby brother are lucky kids to have him for an older brother.  I hope that he is as blessed as I am to have children of his own.  I think that he’d be a very tender dad.

  • Lisa Koedyker - So sweet!

Jared’s iPhone was on the fritz and he’s been waiting for his contract to end so that he could get a working phone again.  It arrived yesterday and Dale indifferently said of Jared’s new phone, “I have a cell phone Dad…it’s red.”

Some of it’s features

  • It’s never dropped a call.
  • Reception everywhere, one button and you can call “Hobo.”  He always answers on the first ring.
  • Appears to have iTunes because another button plays a song.
  • Phone is distinct from all friends, never a mix up when out playing.  You is always clear which one is “MINE.”
  • Camera has a feature that turns every picture into a photo of a monkey and a hippo, always in focus, clicking sound is very satisfying.
  • Indestructible, withstands being dropped, thrown and chewed on.
  • Does not need to be charged.

Here she is in the garden photographing flowers and veggies.