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Every day for lunch I eat the same thing

And everyday for lunch Dale steals about 10% of it.  Usually she sits next to me and I spoon bites into her mouth.  But the other day I served her portion into a bowl.  She was so cute eating it.

Here’s my recipe.  It’s so yummy!  Just thinking about the recipe is making me want lunch, but it’s only 10am.

Rachel’s Lunch Salad

1 16ounce box Earthbound Farms spring mix

1 small avocado diced

1 ear of sweet corn grilled (in the summer) or 1/2 can sweet corn (in the winter)

1/3 cup shelled pistachios

Fustini’s coconut vinegar to taste


I usually cut the spring mix up a bit with a pair of scissors.

I’ve had people mention that my lunch must take a long time to eat.  It does.  That’s one of the things that I like about it.  I really like to eat.  When I eat a standard lunch that I can consume in 3 minutes flat I get really disappointed.  It usually takes me 20-25 minutes to finish my lunch salad and I love every minute.  Plus usually Dale is sitting on my lap or near me stealing bites.  Or I’m eating and serving the kids, and unloading the dishwasher, and moving the laundry through, etc…  I know that it’s eating on the run.  But really, what mom actually sits down to eat lunch.  I just embrace it.






  • Lisa Koedyker - Ooooh! This salad combo sounds so good, and I can’t wait to try it!

One Winfield on the Rocks Please

Win never gets cold, or hot for that matter.  He’s very temperature insensitive.  He’s also quite frugal for a kid, always saving his money and reluctant to spend.  I joke that I feel sorry for his future wife who will probably often check the thermostat to find it set to 62 :)

So when I emptied out the cooler full of ice after a football game in November Win got an idea.  He stood on that ice for nearly 10 minute counting loudly to 756.  He said that he could have gone longer but just got bored.  I believe him.

I love how you can see his fist-of-determination is this picture.


New Roller Pink Skates

The neighbors got roller blades for christmas.  Not wanting to fall behind the neighbors we got some wheels for our kids too.  Harriet, not the most steady child, wasn’t going to have a great relationship with fast flying roller blades.  I found some strap on plastic pick skates that have a lot or resistance on the wheels.  Her shoes barely fit in them but they do work.  Here she is on her first outside skate late one night last month.  Since then she’s been to the roller rink twice and done really well.  She’s probably about ready for those roller blades already!!


Happy (Belated) Birthday Dale and Harriet

I never did bog Dale and Harriet’s birthday.  Here are some pix of the night before.  The kids each made paper birthday banners.  Win made one for Harriet and Harriet made one for Dale.
Both kids helped me take the basting stitches out of Harriet’s birthday banner.  harriet and I went to the fabric store and she picked out all of the fabric for her banner.  Count ‘em!  5 fingers for this 5 year old!Happy birthday my 2 girls!!!Dale really got into the idea of lighting dessert on fire.  I agree.Some neighbors came over to play and celebrate.
Every 5-year-old needs a Light Brite.