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Harriet whipped this up for her AMAZING teacher on her last day of kindergarten.  Both Win and Harriet were able to have her for their first year of school.  To be able to start formal education with this teacher was a real treat.  She understood our children, ran a peaceful and fun classroom, and gave us direction and guidance as parents.  We are  better parents because of her and our children both got a great start at education.  


…is here!  The kids need baths every night because they come in so dirty from playing.  (N.B.  I didn’t say that they get baths every night, just that they need them)  We love this time of year.

  • Johanna Poole - I see a hose and three kids, problem solved. let ‘em bathe each other! ha!

And a 4 foot rhinoceros named Dino is the best idea.    Dale set this up herself.

  • Johanna Poole - I LOVE that Dale only wears clothes about in about 2% of the photos on here. Awesome!

  • Johanna Poole - also, those are your feet Rach. Ha!