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Johnny or Alyssa

Many of you know that we’ve been trying for a 4th little Henderson for a while now. We are excited to announce that we have another little bumpkin on the way in November. We found out last week, so we are really early in the pregnancy.

Here’s a video of us telling the kids. After you watch it you might question our judgement to add more craziness to our table.

  • Jessica Henderson - that’s awesome news! so happy for you guys!

  • Christy Pacanowski - Yay! Happy for you all!!

  • Christy Pacanowski - Haha… Yep, loved the video. Laughed out loud at the “when mommy pees in the little paper..” part :)

  • Johanna Poole - Dale is killing me with her earnest little face! Goodness.

  • Sarah Powell - Oh yay! So so so excited for Henderson baby number four!!!!

  • Judi Bowman Delis - Congrats to all

  • Ann Brown Bowers - Yay for you all! Congratulations!

  • Kelly Stewart Thorp - Yay! Congratulations! Win is so patient with the girls! Darling video!

  • Johanna Poole - seriously…just watched this again. Dale at 2:19….slays me.

  • Karen Wittstock Morrish - Precious! Congrats guys :)

  • Laurie Eller - this is the sweetest thing ever. your babies are precious, and a new addition will be so welcomed (and I’m sure, hugged much! haha).

Birthday number 2 for the month

Winfield is SEVEN!  Our little baby is seven years old.  I still remember how small he was.  We called him “The Chomp.”  He didn’t like to sleep as an infant and still doesn’t.  When he learned how to talk one of his first phrases was “wass dah?” (what’s that).  He’d just point at things and say, “wass dah?”  Non-stop.  On Saturday he and Jared were at a Chess tournament and win was really excited to se them draw the names for the raffle.  They announced that they would be drawing the names in 60 seconds.  Win turned to Jared and said, “Dad, while we wait can you tell all about World War I and how it started and then all about World War II and how it started?”  I think that that is just the 7-year-old version of “wass dah?

So the kids usually plan their birthday cakes several years in advance.  They often tell me what the next 3 or 4 cakes they want are.  I can’t even tell you how much this intimidates me.  birthday cakes are not my thang.  If I could skip them I would.  But really, I can’t have my kids going around school telling their friends and teachers that their mom won’t bake a cake for them.  I do very little out of fear of what others might think, it’s just not my personality.  But birthday cake making is purely to prevent the public humiliation that it would be to fail in this department.

This year’s selection was Ninjago.  He requested blue, but since I didn’t want to use food coloring because I’m a Enneagram 1 I asked him if he wanted light baby blue, or a better green that I could make from spinach.  Green was his choice.


My best effort, the frosting was a bit runny and looked like a skirt.  But oh well.The neighbors came over bearing gifts.Of course Josh presented an amazing Lego creating the surpasses anything I could design given a year to concentrate on it.Harriet mixed some grapes, walnuts, and almonds in a bowl and wrapped it in a piece of construction paper.Win started eating it immediately.And from us, EPIC DRAGON BATTLE!!!!!!!!  He’s been drooling over this for nearly a year.  It’s atop shelf Lego set.  Since he only gets one thing, and since it was on clearance, Win scored big, like 954 pieces big.CAKE!!!!!!

  • Johanna Poole - ridiculous. no front teeth, hattie’s expressions, dales giant smile. ridiculous. I can’t wait till summer when I can hang with these goobers. They are lucky to have a mom who can make such a rad cake that isn’t full of junk!

This is how we do it.

Last month Jared turned 34.  Last year, on his 33rd birthday, he said that he was “officially in his mid-thirties.”  I argued with him.  But 34 is officially mid.  For Jared’s birthday I tried to make him a cake.  I used to be really good at cake making, well decent at least.  Then someone took my gluten away and I it’s never really been the same.  This attempt might go down as my biggest cake failure ever.  It, as you can see, had the consistency of firm tar.  Now, I do like fudgey things, but this was nasty oily fudge goo with the name cake attached to it but not resembling cake at all.

On Jared’s birthday evening the kids were playing outside, building snow forts and sledding until blood was shed.  We always have a hard time calling them in when they are playing hard and giggling.  So we didn’t.  Then the babysitter showed up and the cake had not been presented to Jared yet.  We told her to go ahead and serve it when the kids came in, we were going out to eat.

Step 1–serve half the “cake”

The next morning we decided that birthday cakes just need candles and a song.

Step 2–Stab the remaining “cake” with candles as if it were a voodoo doll.

Step 3–FIRE!LOTS      OF        FIRE!!!Step 4–everybody blow it out.A birthday cake for the ages.

This is how we roll.


Happy Birthday Jared

Dale has a habit that is too cute to resist.  Several times a day she climbs into our bed, wiggles under the covers and waits like a skilled predator.  Then when someone passes by our bedroom door she strikes, with 100% accuracy.  Her prey always falls.  She does it by yelling, “DO YOU WANT TO SNUGGLE WITH ME?!?!”  She has yet to be denied.  ”Snuggling” means to lay in bed with her, under the covers (that is very important) and to read books to her.  Her stamina for books in incredible.  To be honest I can’t remember a time that she ended our book reading session, and Jared and I have tested her limits.  I’m talking reading to her for nearly 2 hours and she still asks for more.  Naturally this isn’t too common that she gets to read and read and read.  But this morning she celebrated Jared’s birthday by asking first thing in the morning “Do you want to snuggle with me?” in her amazingly cute 2-year-old voice.  Happy Birthday!  Really can it get better?


  • Bonnie Kindschi Dean - That’s too cute!! Love it!!

  • Denise Crews - adorbs

A quick trip to see Grandma and Bah

For the past several winters my parents have been enjoying the Arizona winter sunshine.  Last week the kids and I went down to visit them while Jared crammed in a week of working late evenings.  We had a great trip.On our way back from the airport we stopped at an all gluten-free, mostly vegan restaurant in Scottsdale.  It was really yummy and fresh.The first morning we walked over to the neighbors and picked lemons and oranges.  The kids juiced the lemons.  Not a bad life :-)
On the second day we went for a hike in the mountains.  Some kids are plain cool.  Let’s just face it, Win is one really cool kid!Dale started to come to pieces on the way back down.  Nothing that a bag of snap peas couldn’t fix though.  After she polished off nearly the entire bag she was all smiles.The big kids had to find something to do while Dale crunched down her peas.Winfield shouted to me me, “Mom!  Do you want to see my sloth impression!?”Yep, they’re cool kids!!The kids love my parents’ golf carts.  Win asked for my phone so that he could take this picture.
Day 3, we went to this huge zoo near Phoenix.One of the things I like about this zoo is how close the kids can get to the animals.Really close in fact.Sky ride!Harriet looks like she’s in a bit of danger.Lunch and vitamin D recharge.Standing by the little train.Dale waved to the baby white tiger cub.  It was hard to decide who was cuter.Baby jaguar.  Unfortunately he looks like he’s in solitary.Petting zoo.Time to go home.  Dale and I got 2 1/2 hours of sleep the night before we flew out.  We had to get up at 4am to make our flight.  She held up and was slap happy for almost the entire flight.  Can you see the hung-over look in her eyes of a toddler who didn’t sleep and is about to board a plane for a 4 hour flight?iPads+noise canceling headphones+food=traveling blissWe’d landed and were waiting to get off the plane.  After 4 hours in a plane and no sleep Dale put on my sweater and started shoving me and all of the other passenger who came inside her target range, all while screaming “MOVE!!!  MOVE!!!  I WANNA GET DOWN!”  She was some sort of robed tyrant.  I couldn’t argue with her.  She was acting out what I too was feeling.  If only I could just start shoving people and screaming at them to move because “I WANNA GET OFF THIS AIRPLANE”After seeing the airports’ selection I’ve decided that I’m going to start eating healthier.  It looks really easy!On the way home from the airport she gave in to the dark side.Off to the grocery store to stock up the fridge after our trip.  It’s so easy now that they have these little people who stand in your cart and load your groceries onto the belt.

  • Marcia Besteman - Looks like tons of fun was had by everyone. Sure it was hard for Grandma and Grandpa to say good-bye.