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Somedays were meant to be spent with a swim diaper on your head.

For Winfield, yesterday was one of them.

Win was gone visiting his Grandparents all week.  It was good to have him back!  We missed his antics and his hugs.

  • Denise - that can’t be comfortable–he looks miserable, but maybe he realizes how hilarious it is?

  • Jan - That is really funny!

  • Steve Post - BWAAH! Stop, Winfield! You’re KEELING me! =D
    I love it.

  • Lindsay Post - I have a sneaking suspicion that these photos will be making an appearance at Winfield’s high school graduation party, wedding, etc… =) Thanks for posting such cute photos and for having such cute kiddos! They always brighten my day!

  • val - levi just saw this and said “he looks like a chicken!”
    i asked, “why do you think he looks like a chicken?”
    he responded by pointing to the two tufts of hair sticking out of the diaper and said “his ears!”

  • Rachel Henderson - I think that he looks a little like Mrs. Shrek.