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Too much!

Win’s been learning to read.  And it’s really cute.  He has a bunch of boxes of BOB books that he’s been flying through.  He reads everywhere we go, in stores, on billboards.  It’s like he’s unlocked a secret code.  Today in the store he asked me, “Why does is just say ‘towels’ and not ‘paper towels’?”  I answer these kinds of questions dozens of times a day.

Yesterday I looked outside to see that he’d brought one of his reading books outside with him.  He was riding his Skuut bike and reading at the same time.  Too much!

  • Betsy King - You know this is just a precursor to texting and driving. I’d nip it in the bud! ;-D

  • Betsy King - PS So when did you start the Bob books? I’m doing my own thing with letters and sounds, but when do I need these? Our boys are pretty much exactly a year apart, right?

    PPS Hope you are feeling well! No belly shots?

  • Denise - that is too much!