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When 3 hours feels like 20 minutes…

…5 girl photographers are hanging out.  Christy Pacanowski, organized a little photog get together at Herman’s Boy Roastry, Bakery, Confectionary.  We had a blast.  Thanks to Christy’s long arms we got a little group shot with my point and shoot.  Left to right you have myself, Kerri Banyes, Tina Vink, Kelly Braman and Christy Pacanowski.

  • Betsy King - Hey, I know those girls! Hi! :-D

  • Rachel Henderson - We totally talked about you! And John’s music. You were with us in conversation, if not in person.

  • Kerri Banyas - I had such a fabulous time with you ladies…we totally need to do this more often :) oh and Betsy should join us in Jan ’11 at City Flats :)

  • Kelly Braman - What a fun gab session with incredible mama’s! So grateful to have met all of you…and Betsy..we need to schedule a fabulous photo shoot with that growing belly of yours! How fun would that be??

  • Bruce - Could that be Jan’s favorite kitchen store in the background?