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12 Stitches

June 13, 2007   |   by Jared

Monday night playing street hockey I managed to run my face into my friend's forehead, with unfortunate results. My lip ripped almost completely through about one inch up towards my eye. A quick trip to the ER resulted in me receiving 12 stitches (some inside my mouth, some outside) and a lecture from the Doctor about not wearing a helmet and facemask. Who wears a helmet and facesmask playing street hockey? If you're really a disturbed individual and want to see a "before" picture, click here.

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Awww! That's so cute Jared!

Dave Roberts2007-06-13

I checked out the before picture and almost lost my hamburger from lunch. The doctors did an amazing job.


Nice job!

sheetal patel2007-06-13

ouch! that looks like it smarts. kiran and i are among the disturbed and took a look at the before

Jared Henderson2007-06-13

hmmmm... more news: i just found out that Jay (whose forehead i hit) has been showing all the classic signs of a concussion. maybe he took the worst of the hit after all.


Jared- We are all very squeemed out here in Charlotte by that picture! We hope that it does not feel as bad it looks!

-Sarah, Jamie & Mom


Wow Jared! They did a great job of stitching your lip. I let out a cheer for you when I saw the before picture, good work!

In regards to your friend and the possible concussion...have you ever seen the TV show the office? I think that Dwight had a similar experience...


Yikes! I almost passed out.