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2 weeks ago

March 17, 2010   |   by Rachel

the kids and I spent over and hour and a half playing out side.  It was sunny and nearly 45 degrees.  There was enough clear driveway to get out the wheeled toys. We were lovin' it.  I got my camera out, the kids triked and played in the drive.  We even ate lunch outside.  When we left for Vegas the ground still looked like winter.  Deep snow all around.  When we came back the snow was totally gone.  Such a pleasant surprise.  I know that we probably haven't seen the last of winter's precipitation, but we are dangerously close to the time of year when we grill or picnic nearly every evening.

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Outside and kids is the best!


hattie looks like she's downsizing on the sunglasses.... or maybe she's just grown into them a bit?