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3 weeks later and a new hard drive

June 11, 2009   |   by Rachel

I'm finally back. My hard drive failed and I've been without a computer for 3 weeks now. It's back with a fresh new hard drive and I have SOO many pictures to blog. I'd like to give a shout out to a little company called Apple. They helped me through this mess without too much headache (just a little more waiting than I'd have liked). IF you have an Apple and you don't use Time-machine, shame on you. I've you're a PC user and worry about the safety of your files, get an Apple next time and set up Time-machine. I had a hard drive crash and the only thing I was worried about was the time it would take to fix it. All files are always fully backed up :-) Win is our chef. He loves to cook with me. When he's playing he often uses his toys to make pretend food. He really enjoys flipping through the Williams Sonoma catalogs that come in the mail. [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="full"]

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hi! its eva!


He is such a cutie! He's looking so intently at the salad spinner -- I love it!

michelle sidles2009-06-11

gotta love a boy who appreciated the Williams-Sonoma catelog! ;) I'm so happy you had a good Apple experience. :) I got to use my Apple Care & Time Machine this week, too. :) So nice. :)


That is my favorite catalogue too!


Glad you're back! Tell Win that J&S have a new kitchen to play in...if he wants to come back to JoJo's house! ;)