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6 new teeth

January 11, 2009   |   by Rachel

Harriet is currently cutting 6 teeth. Her 2 front teeth, both canine teeth and 2 premolars are all peeking through. She's been a champ. She really like to chew on our power toothbrush. aimg_8738-photoshoped Also, Win is doing MUCH better.  The doc put him on amoxicillin (his first time on and anti-biotic) and within 12 hours his nasty runny nose had totally cleared up.  His cough is so much better too.  The nebulizer makes him cough a little more right after treatment, but overall he's so much better.  He doesn't wake up at night and cough at all.  The doc said that she prefers the nebulized ibuterol because doesn't have near the same stimulant affect that the oral version does.  I'm glad that she didn't give us the oral kind, because Win prances around the house at top speed for about 2 hours after his treatment.

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Jared Henderson2009-01-11

and yes, Nathan, that is our one family toothbrush that we all use. :)


Hattie and Stella are both in the throws of making new teeth, an uncomfortable job for sure. Glad Win is doing better. jan

Jen VH2009-01-12

Harriet looks so much like Win here! I'm glad to hear Win is doing better.


I'm glad Win is doing better, too. And poor Hattie Bear. Stella is pretty sad with her new teeth. She got to have a popsicle for dinner last night & that seemed to help some. Hope Harriet's poke through quickly!