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A Bad Habit

March 18, 2006   |   by Jared

Here's Win after his bath this morning. He has definitely decided he likes baths, but has developed the bad habit of peeing almost without fail as soon as we put him in a towel to dry him off. Other than that we can't really complain. He's still sleeping pretty great and cooing when he sneezes, and doing other baby-like things. Grandma Jan and two friends stopped by on Thursday for a few minutes to cuddle with the chump, and we think Win made a pretty good impression on all.

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Beautiful picture. He did make a great impression; as did your lovely home. Grandma jan


What a beatiful picture! He's so cute- you might just have to keep him.


we agree with the high cuteness factor! :)


What a great little guy. I love him! Can't wait to see him again. Love, Dad


OH, I just love these pictures. He is so precious.