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A couple more name ideas

February 27, 2010   |   by Rachel

Sensing that neither Palm Tree Liker nor Baby Carrie were being seriously considered the kids have new suggestions.  Winfield has been pushing for "Hunka Munka".  Harriet, when she isn't just agreeing with Winfield, really likes "Yankee Doodle Went to Town". By the way, this is the last day that Winfield is going to be 3.  Everybody is always reminding me that these early years go fast.  Don't I know it!  They really are growing way too fast.  My tiny little baby has a little sister, and that little sister has a little sibling. Winfield's growing so fast.  He's a really good kid.  When we're at a public place with automatic doors he runs through the door and jams his foot in to stop it from closing.  Then he yells to Harriet, "Come through Hattie.  I'll protect you."  He is very, very sweet to her.  They are such good friends.  My apologies to every other parent, but we really did get the 2 best ones.  Every year Jared and I think that it's the best stage (okay, I'll skip the teething stage) but then the next stage comes and we're amazed at how fun it is.   I'm looking forward to having a 4-year-old and all of the fun that will be, but I'm already missing my 3-year-old.

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"awww" is all I can say. I will miss 3-yr.-old Win, too!

benjamin tennant2010-02-27

They really are all good stages. The uniqueness of the stages and the children is just incredible. How can it be that no two are alike? How blessed you are by God through what he gave you to shepherd for a while. Keep enjoying it! It's your greatest and best chance for making disciples. You guys are doing a great job; I'm so glad God has entrusted you with another one.


awww....i love those kids....they really are so wonderful. sometimes i wish time could just stand still for all of our kids. but i'm sure winfield will be even more wonderful as a 4-yr-old!