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A Funny Moment

March 20, 2007   |   by Jared

Here's a picture from a week or two ago. Rachel was trying to get Win's pants on, and having an unusually difficult time. She pulled and pulled but couldn't seem to get them up over his diaper. Somehow, Win didn't even protest as she kept trying to cram both legs into one hole. So, obviously, before we set him free we had to take a picture.

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what a good sport!

sheetal patel2007-03-21

he looks like a cute little mer-man in that picture.


How nice to find someone else named Winfield!

It's my real first name!

Jared Henderson2007-03-21

sheetal, we're chuckling about the 'mer-man' comment.

when you get a chance, pinch Kiran on the butt for me and tell him i said hi.


Just one of the things a first born has to put up with while breaking in new parents. Right Jamie?

Your first born GG

sheetal patel2007-03-23

hi jared!

done and done :) (he says hi back, by the way)