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A Little Out of Order

July 31, 2007   |   by Rachel

We made it back to Michigan alright, as you can see from the photo of Win on the shore of beautiful Lake Michigan in the last post. Our return trip wasn't quite as smooth as the flight out. The flight to Florida was demanding but Win was happy the whole way. We were swimming upstream for the return trip though. At the end of our time in Florida Win managed to get quite sick. He wasn't exactly up to par for the flight back.After 1 hour of franticly trying to entertain a tired, sick, wiggle worm on an airplane we thought that Benadryl just might be the ticket. He was very sleepy already so we thought that a dose and a half of drugs would push him over the edge and he would sleep. The Benadryl did in fact make him more tired, but that was it. Jared carried him up and down the isle for 45 minutes while he valiantly fought the very heavy eyes and overwhelming tiredness. In the battle between Win and sleep Win won.After 45 minutes of carrying a 32 pound toddler Jared needed a break. The iPod with children's videos worked well for the rest of the flight. Win didn't really like the earbuds though.Just before landing Win thought that the tray tables might need a little weight testing. Don't worry about the woman in front of us. She only turned around a couple of times.Thankfully, in a very crowded plane we were in a row with an extra seat. It was really nice.At one point I turned around and looked at the mother with a 19 month old girl who sat behind us. The mother was reading a magazine and the girl was sitting on her mother's lap sucking her thumb. Every child is different!Win is a very good little boy who really likes excitement. Sleeping through a plane flight is unthinkable to him.

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wow. that sounds like an adventure. wish us well with TWO on the way up there! ;)

Rachel Henderson2007-08-01

My brother and his wife just did San Francisco to Miami with 2. Whoohoo! Good times.

I'm sure that Jordan and Stella will be great. We really appreciate being able to see them.