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A Perfect Sunday Afternoon

June 10, 2008   |   by Rachel

Last Sunday we packed up our towels, swimsuits, and kids and headed over to our friends' house for an afternoon.  The weather was amazingly perfect.  Phoebe, Win's 9-year-old playmate, rescued some plastic containers from their recycling pile for Win to play with.  He loved pouring and dumping pool water back and forth between them.  Harriet played in the grass.  We enjoyed the perfectly refreshing pool and comfortable conversation.  It was a really great afternoon! This is Pheobe.  She and Win play together for hours on end.  The youngest of 4, she's sweet, easy going and loves to play.  Win calls their house, "Phoebe's house."

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Betsy King2008-06-10


Becky Young2008-06-10

AMAZING pictures (as always) RACHEL!! They are some of the best ones I've seen. I love the stories that you tell with your photographs. I was thinking the other day about how much fun it would be to take them, and then to write stories around them. There is personality oozing with each one, it's always a treat to see your newest posts.


Beautiful pictures. Looks like a lot of fun. I hope things are drying out for you guys!

Jen VH2008-06-13

The last two photos are officially my new favorite Harriet pics! Absolutely stunning!


LOVE those last two...priceless!!