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A Rare Sighting

September 07, 2008   |   by Rachel

On Saturday my brother, Jed, was able to squeeze in a short visit while traveling through West Michigan.  Jed lives in California with his wife, Sara, and their 2 daughters, Esther and Bea.  It was a special treat as we don't get to visit very often.  Win had a blast jumping, wiggling and otherwise showing off for his uncle.  As a father of a 2 year old, he knew just how to push Win's wiggle buttons.  He had Win laughing and running all over the place.  Win's been talking about yesterday's visit from Jed all day today. This visit was Harriet and Jed's first meeting.  She approved of him and has decided to accept him as her uncle.



wow, you guys look alike, rachel.

Rachel Henderson2008-09-07

It's the beard.


Wonderful picture; I bet you all loved the visit.




Great one!