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A Sneak Peek

June 18, 2008   |   by Rachel

On Saturday Jared, Winfield and I had the honor of officiating, photographing, singing and ring bearing aisle running the wedding of Josh and Sarah Powell. Yeah, we were pretty busy, but it was great! Both sets of Grandparents were there for the wedding and were a huge help. Special kudos to my parents who took Winfield for a week and then helped in EVERY possible way through this super crazy weekend. Winfield, whose official title was ring bearer, kind of stole the show from the beautiful flower girl who followed him. At the last minute no one could find the pillow that the Bride's mother had embroidered and adorned with lace from her own wedding dress. Pillowless and instructed to walk slowly, Winfield knew that it was his moment to shine. The pictures kind of tell the story.[gallery size="full" columns="1"] More of Josh and Sarah's wedding photos will will be up when they return from their honeymoon.

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Sarah POWELL!2008-06-25

AMAZING!!! I love these pictures, I laughed out loud!


Hi Jared and Rachel, You two and Win were so amazing on Josh and Sarah's special day. Thank you so much. I love the shots of the very special ring bearer. He did so awesome. He was a perfect choice for the task. Can't wait to see the rest of what you did. The two of you have meant so much to Josh and Sarah. Thank you for being such a great role model for them as a married couple.

Steve Post2008-06-18

GHAAAA! *dies*


It all happened so fast, it is fun to see it slowed down a bit. He certainly had fun as did we all.