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A Tribute...

June 12, 2008   |   by Rachel

...to Woo2.  Winfield has been on a crazy adventure in Fort Wayne Indiana this week.  My parents took him home with them on Sunday and he's due to arrive back tomorrow.  We've really been missing him and his antics.  It's really quiet around here.  Harriet tries, but she's no match for Win's volume.  She's way to easy of a baby. Apparently he's been to the zoo, walked a mile with my mom, watched bulldozers and slept in a tent.  What more could a 2-year-old ask for?! I snapped these a couple of weeks ago.  Win's been lovin' his trike lately. [gallery size="full" columns="1"]

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great pictures. i am sure you all miss him a lot!!

Erin Groeber2008-06-13

i love the stripes and plaid right next to the "Retro" on the trike! too much. i just can't wait :)!