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A Yearly Tradition

January 03, 2008   |   by Rachel

Every year, in celebration of Christmas Eve, Jared's family gathers for a fondue feast. The menu is the same every year. This year we started dinner after all of the little kids were in bed. Boiling pots of oil and lots of young children don't safely mix. We enjoyed sitting around the table laughing at the same stories that are told every year, like the time that Jared's older brother Jamie spilled flaming plum pudding on Jared. We even called Jamie, who couldn't make it for Christmas this year, on the telephone to give him the opportunity to deny the event (another yearly tradition). This picture captures some of the coziness of this yearly meal. 

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Waht a great picture of a very memorable Christmas. I didn't know that you took it. The soft light recreates the feeling of that tradidtional evening of family, fun and food. It is truly one of my very favorite family traditions. Jan and I are blessed that all of the new members of our family have fit in so well and expand and enrich all of our family customs.

Love, D.O'D.