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Afternoon at the Community Pool

February 03, 2008   |   by Jared

So yesterday we spent the afternoon with the kids at the Holland Aquatic Center. They have a huge 'splash zone' which is a super kid-friendly pool area. Tons of toys, squirting things, balls, and all in water less than two feet deep. Win literally thought he'd died and gone to heaven. Harriet, on the other hand, got cold fast and spent most of the time sitting in the hot tub with mom. (Actually, mom was in the hot tub sort of and splashed warm water on Hattie. We know its not healthy to put a baby in a hot tub.) 080202_swimming-0002-edit.jpg080202_swimming-0004-edit.jpg080202_swimming-0005-edit.jpg080202_swimming-0006-edit.jpg

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That looks like great fun! Summer in winter in Holland.

Betsy King2008-02-03

That place looks awesome! We need one! My little fish would go nuts!

Grandma Dean2008-02-04

What a wonderful place! It looks like so much fun!


its not safe to put a baby in the hot tub? this news will make stella very sad. ;) very fun pictures! those places are great!


Nice Speedo!