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Almost There...

September 16, 2007   |   by Jared

Well, tomorrow is Rachel's due date, and we're expecting the little girl at any time. This past Thursday she had a OB/GYN appointment and our Doc said he would be surprised if she lasted another week. Rachel's already at about 2cm and looking like she could give birth at any moment. Today after church we went out back and took some pictures to commemorate the big belly. Here are a few:

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Rachel, you look BEAUTIFUL, and Jared, you are taking really good photos, too! Looks like you've been getting lessons! :) And Win, of course, you are adorable, as ever. Eager for news about our new cousin!!


what a beautiful mama. :)

can't wait to hear your news!


ps--wednesday would be a good day. i know someone else whose birthday is that day. :)


We are anxiously awaiting word of a new cousin/niece! Great pictures :)


Wonderful pictures. Can't wait to meet the little girl.


Rachel, you look awesome. I wish you the best in L&D (and the best epidural ever if you reach for that trick again) :)

sheetal patel2007-09-17

you look beautiful, rachel! what an exciting time for your family.

Rachel Henderson2007-09-17

Thank you so much! Jared and I are really excited for our little girl to come. For the last couple of days we've been hoping that I don't deliver until at least Monday (today). My mom, our best coverage for Win, has been in California with my brother and his family celebrating his doctoral thesis defense. She is back today.

Also, I managed to catch a cold on Friday and I am now on the upswing. I'm kind of hoping to kick it before labor/delivery/hospital/3 months of sleeplessness.

To top it off, yesterday I was carrying Win and a bag of trash when I slipped on the stairs and managed to take a decent little fall down 2 steps. Win and the girl are totally fine. I managed to twist my ankle and bruise my arm and shoulder, both of which are perfect injuries for me. I'm not at all concerned about the girl. She's kicking and wiggling all of the time. Primarily, it gave me a real emotional shake up.

I suppose carrying a 34 lb child and a bag of trash, on cement stairs, without a handrail, while 9 months pregnant with a stuffy head and ears isn't the smartest thing I've ever done.

Although Jared and I are anxious to meet her, I wouldn't mind a couple of days to recover from sickness and injury before she comes.

We'll keep you posted :-)


I really hope she's born on Thursday!!!!! Even though, I wouldn't mind any other day.


34 lbs??? You are a goddess. That's 34 lbs of boy, 25+ lbs of girl, and a bag of trash.

Lots of weight to be toting up or down stairs!

{I used to tell myself that when I felt really wimpy}

Hope you mend soon.

Betsy King2007-10-11

These photos are GORGEOUS! Just stunning! Your photos are so beautiful! I Will write you soon, but I have been swamped this week. I'm so glad we rediscovered each other! Congrats on that sweet little baby!