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An Update

November 22, 2013   |   by Jared

For those of you who want more details... It's now about 7:30 am and we have every reason to believe this baby will be here by 9 or 9:30.  We had hoped to sleep most of the night last night, but that didn't really happen.  Rachel's contractions got fairly intense and she ended up getting her epidural around 2:30 am. There was a little while there where we thought the baby might come in the middle of the night, but the epidural seemed to slow things down.  The plan is to break her water at about 8:15 am and then things should really start to happen pretty fast. Rachel is feeling great.  We're ready to meet this little guy!  We'll post again later. _MG_4839_MG_4835

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Sheetal Patel2013-11-22

thinking about you this morning! can't wait to see the newest Henderson! :)

Laura Senti2013-11-22

Go, Rachel!! Thinking of you guys and excited to hear.

Benjamin Tennant2013-11-22

we are praying for you all morning... keep up the good work! cant wait to meet the little man ! -Simone

Benjamin Tennant2013-11-22

Nice juice. Special delivery blend?