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And here he is

September 06, 2011   |   by Rachel

This is what I found when I went to pick up Win.  Win has never been one to tell me much about things.  I picked him up and he had 3 thoughts.  First, the swings DO in fact swing high.  This had been a concern of his since he saw the swings at the open house last week.  Second, he didn't finish his lunch because he ran out of time ( no surprise there since my kids are the SLOWEST eaters on the planet)  Win and Harriet are used to a leisurely 90 minute lunch every day.  And finally he said, "Mom, you were right.  It was fun."  The rest of the car ride home he was silent, other than the clucking noise that he makes with his tongue when he's thinking. We came home and I gave him some quiet time alone.  It was KILLING me.  I wanted to pepper him with questions and grill him about his experience.  But that is not his personality.  Later in the evening he told Jared and I about some of the other kids in his class, their names and ages.  We think that he's going to do really well.

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I'm so impressed by your restraint. You got some great info from him. P.S. I see your face in his face for the first time in this picture. P.P.S. having a pillow pet at school is awesome!


I was thinking about you today! So hard to not be there to see him swing on those swings... you are a great mom and Win is entering a new adventure (although I'm crying while writing this...)


that's great! i'm happy for him.... there is so much fun to be had in kindergarten.