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Another Epic Acadia Day

August 22, 2014   |   by Rachel

The explorers spend 5 1/2 hours hiking in the morning.  They climbed Kirk Dietrich's climb, about an hour of stone staircase.  Then summited the second tallest mountain in Acadia, Dorr Mountain.  The kids took turns leading and kid in the lead got to set the pace and chose when breaks happen.  Apparently Harriet is a "Slave Trader" acceding to Win because she sets a grueling pace and never stops for breaks.After a morning of hiking they made it down to the beach for 3:00 low tide.  2 1/2 hours were spent rummaging through tide pools, catching starfish, crabs and an eel.  They found a smallish tide pool that acted as a jail for the creatures that they caught.  For a while Harriet was the jail keeper and would yell whenever a catch was attempting to escape.

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