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Another reason that we love Holland

June 19, 2007   |   by Rachel

Win and I spent a perfect day at the beach with our friend Sarah and and her roommate Jennika. Although the seagulls and sand are nice Win's favorite beach activity is clearly body surfing. He loves going into the water in my arms and waiting for a big wave. Then when it comes we jump into it, it splashes all over us and we laugh really hard. He always has been quite a thrill seeker. He is clearly our child since both of us are usually up for an adventure.In case you were wondering, yes, Jared did play in his Monday night hockey game last night. I made him put a bandaid over his lip. If a scar on his lip and a decent amount of medical bills are the price of an active lifestyle, we both agree that it is worth it. Let's just hope that that is the worst of it.

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Jared Henderson2007-06-19

Hey, no fair! You guys were at the beach all day while I was stuck in meetings at work??


That is just a precious picture, sorry Jared, meetings certainly don't compare to the beach....


that is a great photo!

Rachel Henderson2007-06-19

Thanks Sarah! I took that with our 5-year-old, 2 megapixel camera. Not too shabby for such an outdated little camera.

sheetal patel2007-06-20

that does look like a perfect day at the beach!