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Arin's Senior Pictures

August 02, 2007   |   by Jared

Last night we finished editing Rachel's most recent photo shoot - some senior pictures for our friend Arin Heinz. Last year, Arin trained with us and ran the Detroit Marathon as a 16-year old! She is an awesome girl, and she and Rachel had a blast shooting some pretty creative pictures. Here are a few of the shots. To see more, check out the complete slideshow. Rachel also recently did some amazing senior photos for our friend Caroline, but I just haven't gotten around to giving her any blog love yet. I will in a few days after some more cute pictures of Win.

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Incredible, incredible pictures Rachel! I love them, especially the one's with Arin running, you have such a great talent for capturing a story with your photos. My favorite one is of her sitting by the water and there is a bright orange life preservor on the railing. It's a great color/nautical pic.


Rachel you rock...


Wow! What a great set of photos. Very impressive!