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February 09, 2012   |   by Rachel

The kiddos and I spent the week in Arizona last week.  Our flight there took off at 8:30pm.  It was a very last night.  By the time we got to bed it was 3:00 and the only one who had slept was dale—for only 20 minutes.  But it was worth the flight.This is where Dale took her 20 minute nap.  She couldn't sleep on my shoulder.  It was too stimulating, with iPads on one side and strangers on the other.Dale and Grandma in their back"yard"Picking fruit at the neighbors' house.We hiked in the White Tank Mountains again.  So beautiful.Win discovered the joys of bouldering.  Yes, he is my son.  We are so a like.  I love bouldering and it was so fun to see him climb on huge rocks for the first time.The visitor's center and a small taste of the landscape.We also visited the largest zoo that I've ever been to.  It was really nice.Skyride! All vegan, no sugar!  OMG this restaurant was amazing!  Berries, dates, oats,  pureed cashew goodness! This was the "bagel with cream cheese" (made from cashews).  So colorful!!!And back home we go.Here's Dale, trying to nap.  But then I looked down there and she'd found a light up bouncy ball.  Not the most conducive to sleep.

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Dale looks like Bonnie, and Hattie looks like Rudy!