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At times...

March 24, 2011   |   by Rachel

...our energy level doesn't exactly quite keep up with the our kids'.  At those times we play a game that the kids love.  We tell them to tuck us in.  We lay there while they bring us blankets, pillows and any other sleep aid that they can think of.  Then they talk to us, kiss us good night and go through the routine that we do with them before bed.  They feel powerful.  We feel comfortable.  It's really a great arrangement. Last week Harriet threw on her trusty tiger mask and decided to put Jared to bed.  He didn't protest.  Once he was all tucked in she brought him a book to read to her.  She sweetly listened in her tiger mask. To add to the scene the book that she choose was It's not the Stork.  It's a fairly candid  sex ed book for the under 5 set.  So you can just imagine the things that this little tiger was learning.

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"trusty tiger mask"--ha ha ha, you are a great writer! We watched "The Miracle of Life" when I was little which is probably similar to that book but all actual footage. Maybe Hattie was getting in a "natural" mood with the mask.


Ha! Love it!!!