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Bambi seems to be the top choice on the list...

May 11, 2010   |   by Rachel

...of names for our little baby GIRL!  A couple of weeks ago Winfield told me, "Harriet and I agreed that if it's a girl his name will be Bambi."  We had our ultrasound this morning.  We're having a little girl in September.  So far "Bambi" seems to be the only suggestion.  I guess that Jared and I have 19 more weeks to think of something else.  Tinkerbell?  Miss Piggy?  Pippi Long Stocking?




Mrs Kool2010-05-11

I think our little boy has a crush already! I was watching these videos with the laptop on my belly, and he was moving around like crazy! Congratulations on your little "Bambi!" Although...Minnie is a very cute name too!


it is really cute how excited they are. we're glad to hear the news. :)


Yay :) Very exciting :)

Kimberly DeCamp2010-05-12

Rachel, this is so precious! They are getting so grown up and can articulate so well. How exciring! A new baby sister to teach and cuddle. Congratulations to you all. I really miss seeing all of you.


I was driving to work this morning trying to guess what you were having- and I came to the conclusion that it was going to be a girl. SO... for about 30 minutes, I guessed right!! Congratulations!!!!! You could name her Minnie after great great aunt MinnieHaHa!!


Wow, we are as excited as they are!

Christy Martin2010-05-12

Love it! Gosh- your kids are so stinkin' cute!!!!


Awww, Congratulations!!! I am pretty excited to see video footage of Win and Harriet meeting Baby Bambi for the first time!!!

Bruce Henderson2010-05-12

She looks like a cross between Cinderella and Snow White! Congratulations!!! Can't wait to meet her. Love, GG

Betsy King2010-05-13

This is SOOOOOO CUTE!!!! Congrats! Another girl! YIPPEE!!!! PS It's killing me not to know the sex of our baby!!!

Bruce Henderson2010-06-06

My vote is for "The Beauty". She can spend her teens fighting off GasTONE and then marry a prince. GG

Rachel Wozniak2010-09-10

Wow, Rach! Congrats on Baby #3! LOVE the video of Win and Hattie! So precious! love to you, Rachel Wozniak