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Beacuse parenting really IS a competition

March 22, 2007   |   by Rachel

When visiting cousin Luke, who is 2 months younger, Luke performed a trick that Win didn't know. Not to be outdone by Nathan and Janna we promptly taught Win.



LOL, He's amazing! At the end it sounds like he's saying "Ok Dad, I performed, now let's eeeeaattt!



Very funny. This competition should become very interesting. Still waiting for those first steps. :)

grma dean2007-03-23

Love that controlled little nod. Adorable!

sheetal patel2007-03-24

i like that win not only perfomed his trick but also threw in a little battle cry at the end indicating he's ready for the next event!


Very nice Win. :) Now we'll see if Luke can pick up "more" in sign language like you.


Sheetal Patel! I miss you! Not to hijack Win's blog, but I hope you're doing great. My email: denisemariegalloway@gmail.com

I would love to talk sometime.