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Because Luke did it

May 02, 2007   |   by Jared

Win finally decided to start walking a few days ago. It started with a few small tentative steps between chairs, but now he's really getting the hang of it. For important errands and speed, he still prefers crawling, but we think that may not last long.

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I have been waiting to see this. Those boys are going to be fun this summer.


Yeah for Win! That was a lot of steps. Good job :)


Way to go Win! I love how he looks so proud of himself.

sheetal patel2007-05-03

Such a cutie! Great job, Win!


yeah, win! you are so big!!


Great job, Win!!! You did it!!! Before you know it you´ll be running where ever you want to go!

Is that Grandma I hear in the background cheering you on???

Love, Beth from Germany...

Can´t wait to see you this summer!