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Because you know that toilet time=Titanic time

June 15, 2010   |   by Rachel

Someone has earned some bragging rights.  He just doesn't know how to brag so I'll do it for him.  Winfield has been reading like a maniac lately and we're really impressed.  He reads everything, all of the time.  He sits on the toilet and reads.  He reads all of the billboards when we drive, he reads nearly everything in the grocery store.  He reads over my shoulder when I'm reading.  He is in love with words.  It's really cute to watch and as parents we couldn't be more excited.  He is obsessed with words in that way that 4-year-old boys get obsessed with things.  We taught him the basics, bought him some Bob books and he took it from there.  Like a kid that learns to walk and all of the sudden stops crawling, it seem like he became a reader overnight. Yes I'm shamelessly bragging, but come on!  My 4-year old is reading at a 2nd-3rd grade level.  I would hope that I would brag about that.  Just to be clear.  He is a young 4, not even 4 1/2.  Here's a little clip of him this afternoon.

video seems to have been deleted :(

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Mrs Kool2010-06-16

Way to go Winfield!!!!!! I'm very impressed...

Becky Young2010-06-16

Way to go WIN! You're a champion reader already! I'm so impressed.


Grandma Jan is bragging about him too. :)

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