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Because you miss Win too

September 29, 2007   |   by Rachel

Win has spent the past couple of day in Fort Wayne playing, reading, and walking to the mailbox with my parents. He returned home to us today. Jared and I had missed him so much. It just wasn't right having the house so quiet during such an exciting time. But it was also really nice not to have to worry about waking a toddler in the middle of the night because Harriet was hungry.Today was the first time that Win got to meet Harriet here at home. He LOVED her. We asked him if he wanted to hold her. He quickly reached out his pudgy arms and grabbed her like a doll. He gave her a big hug...a big kiss...and then he pointed out her nose.He clearly knows that she is really special and he seems to like her anyway.

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Having seen it in person, I can say it was the cutest cuddle session ever.


it is so weird to see you guys as a family of four!


Now you'll get to figure out what your new "normal" is :) Have fun!

sheetal patel2007-09-30

great job being a big brother, win!


ok ok ok

i think that the photo of win giving her a smooch is about the best family photo i have ever seen!

rachel, you look so beautiful and happy. jared, you are cautiously instructing win. win has such an innocent look on his face and his little leg is springing out to the side. and then harriet's face is soooo red.