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Before thinking about a new camera

October 26, 2007   |   by Rachel

There's a bumper sticker that says it all: Cameras don't shoot people, I shoot people.(or something like that)Basically, good pictures are primarily in the photographer, not the camera. Good equipment sure makes a difference, but there are many simple tips and tricks that are even more important than the camera.If you are looking for better photographs put this on your Christmas list.MeRa Koh, an amazing photographer in Seattle, created this DVD for moms. Check it out. Even if you are still going to get a new camera add this to your basket. It's well worth the $30, which is much cheaper than a new camera.Click here for the DVD.

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Betsy King2007-10-28

Hi! I took your advice and then I didn't. You'll see why...

I have been wanting the dvd, so I treated myself to it. (I would LOVE to go to a workshop, but I have a feeling she is booked until our kids are in college.)

We got a camera. We would love some better glass, but honestly, we wanted to be a two camera team a lot more than good glass at this point. but soon, soon! We probably paid a lot more than we would have we bought it online, but we got it at Sunny Schick. Probably dumb, but they are a local store and we like supporting local biz.

Exciting! We are going to shoot Becky Zabel today to play with it. : ) Thanks for all the tips!

Rachel Henderson2007-10-28

Whoohoo! Buying new equipment is a process. What body did you buy?