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Better late than never

July 29, 2008   |   by Rachel

Harriet has a little something to show everyone.

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Rachel Henderson2008-08-14

Ashley, I have a different camera than the one that I shot with when Win was born. I now shoot with a 30D and primarly prime lenses. I'll put up more tips soon. So glad that you like them!


You may have already shared this, but what camera do you take all your photos with? Is the camera you use now the same one you had when Win was born? I love the photography tips, thanks so much!


I see it, can't believe you got a picture!!

Mrs Kool2008-07-30

Jared & Rachel...your kids have the cutest smiles & always seem happy! Even when they are teething. LOVE IT!


is that beginnings of a white square???


Yeah :) Luke was 11 months old before he popped one through.


the girls were late on this one, too. so cute, a tiny toofer.