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October 09, 2012   |   by Rachel

Miriam, who goes by the cutest nickname ever of Mumsie, lives next door.  She's 9 months older than Dale.  For the longest time the 2 of them didn't exactly have the social skills to play together.  Although they've always loved each other.  If Dale so much a smells a whiff of Mumsie she starts shouting, "Mimi (Dale's pronunciation) ouside!  Mimi ouside!!!"  And she wants to go "ouside" immediately to be with her. Lately they have been besties, pushing strollers around for hours on end, crawling in and out of running strollers, putting things on tops their heads and walking around and generally doing the things that 2- year-olds do.  I happen to have my camera on them this summer when this little gem happened.  Dale and Mums hadn't yet figured out how to play together yet at this point, so this was a rare little sighting.  Enjoy!

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Kendra Maloni Linde2012-10-10

too cute!

Bonnie Kindschi Dean2012-10-10

AWWWW! Miss those two cuties! That's an adorable clip!

Clare Funk Lowell2012-10-10

What an amazing blog. Sure can tell they were related to you and Rudy.