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Big Pictures

January 24, 2008   |   by Jared

Welcome everyone who came from the old blog! Feel free to look around. Every single post that was on the old blog has been imported and categorized here. If you want to poke around, scroll to the bottom of the page and try out categories, archives, or the search function.Oh, and we love your comments, so keep leaving them. It should be pretty self-explanatory. The first time you comment, we'll have to accept it, to make sure you're not a spambot, and then after that they should go up immediately.One of the main reasons I wanted to redesign Rachel's blog is so we could have big, beautiful pictures. It always seamed like such a shame posting such tiny versions of Rachel's pictures. So here are a few, the first of many, large pictures. Enjoy!Hattie is super smiley lately, and very much a pleasure to be around. She loves to look you in the eye and flirt.080107_080107-0466-edit.jpg080107_080107-0462-edit.jpg

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Betsy King2008-01-24

I LOVE it! It's so beautiful! I'm jealous! I need to invest in a better web presence someday! Great job you guys! I STINK at organizing my categories. I'm terrible at it!


Beautiful smile on a beautiful girl :)

Grandma Dean2008-01-25

Awesome new site. I love the big photos!


You guys are amazing. And I thought I was current just because I know the word blog. Like I've said before, just when I'm catching on to what you're doing, you jump ahead of me.

Grandma Dean2008-01-29

'O' we are so glad Win likes his new shirt! Too bad we couldn't box up some sunshine and send that too.