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Big spender

September 15, 2010   |   by Rachel

This morning Winfield, Harriet and I spent about an hour disassembling the toy section at our local drugstore.  The kids had saved quite a little bit of money in their piggy banks and were ready to spend.  We counted, considered, manhandled, reconsidered, decided, undecided, imagined and groped all of the toy options in the store.  The kids finally landed on some choices.  Win's big purchase was this truck.  I thought that it was a really good decision, one that he would enjoy.  Jared and Win worked on assembling it for about an hour this evening.  He was pretty proud of his purchase and excited to get it built.

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I LOVE win's tshirt! When I was 12 I made Denise and my mom take me to the mystery spot on a family vacation. Never been so dissapointed in all my life.


Great choice Win.


Great project!