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Biker Babe

April 30, 2007   |   by Rachel

Yesterday Jared and his friend Josh rode their mopeds out to the county fairgrounds for the annual Blessing of the Bikes. Every year several local churches join and host a service for all of the bikers in town. When I say bikers, I mean bikers. We are talking lots of black leather and feather earrings, huge motorcycles with American Indian scenes airbrushed all over them-not 1979 mopeds. Jared and Josh's mopeds were the only that we saw among the 2000+ bikes that had gathered.

This is only a little section of the bikes that were there.

Josh and his girlfriend Sarah with Josh's 1979 Puch. Sarah, Win and I followed the guys out to the fairgrounds to join them in the fun.

Win is trying the moped on for size. He needs a couple more years yet.

Some people take their kids to the zoo or park. I guess we figured that The Blessing of the Bikes was the perfect place for a baby.

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He matches, but I am glad his feet are a bit too short :)


that is one of my favorite pictures of winfield ever!!