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Can you tell that I'm excited

April 04, 2012   |   by Rachel

So, my friend Beverly is getting hitched.  And her upcoming bridal shower is along the theme of Anne of Green Gables.  As a 32-year-old redhead who was 6 when the movies first came out (thus popularizing Anne for those of us who couldn't read yet) and who also memorized The Highwayman in the 7th grade, I felt that it wouldn't even be appropriate to show up in anything that didn't have puffed sleeves.  So I took a tip from my friend Missy, who ordered her most beautiful wedding dress on eBay, and I found myself a puffed sleeve dress (not easy to find).  It came today.  It fits!  And it might be my new favorite dress! I was so excited.  I tried to take a picture of it so that you can see the puff sleeves.  I'll have to have Jared take one when he comes home, the self portrait isn't really showing the awesomeness.Speaking of awesomness, I can't really match Anne.  No where near.

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FrankenStacey Artinian2012-04-05

"The puffiest in the world". I was obsessed with Anne throughout my childhood. I even lied to my teacher in 3rd grade and said that L.M. Montgomery was my great grandmother. That worked out well until my teacher talked to my mom. Go Anne of Green Gables! If it's possible, I think I like you even more than before. :)

Johanna Poole2012-04-05

aaaaahhhhhh! I love it!

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Christen Conner Bordenkircher2012-04-18