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Cars do.

August 03, 2009   |   by Rachel

Every evening before bed either Jared or I crawl into bed with Win and we talk and play word games.  Last night Win told me that he had a new game he wanted to play.  He described it this way, "I stand up and jump on the bed and it's called 'Cars do'"  I told him the I'd be glad to play "Cars Do" but it needed to be a word game and not just jumping on the bed.  He agreed and we came up with a new game.  I would say something like, "Cars drive fast." or "Cars eat spaghetti" and he would respond with either "cars do." or "cars don't."  It's a great little game.  Running out of things that I could think of I said "cars are soft."  He thought for a second and retorted, "cars AREN'T " Denise is going to have to help me raise this child.  His grammar skills will surpass mine in roughly 9 months.

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Love it. : )