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2010-01-15Palm Tree Liker or Baby Carrie 2010-02-27A couple more name ideas2010-05-11Bambi seems to be the top choice on the list...2010-09-15Yes, they have a mom2010-09-17Baby on the way2010-09-24At the hospital2010-09-24Epidural.2010-09-24Introducing Dale Ruth2010-09-24Nothing much to report yet...2010-09-24The next step2010-09-25More of Dale2010-09-26She's cute!2010-09-27Coming Home2010-09-29Dale2010-09-29Nothin' much happenin'2010-09-29There were a lot of babies in the birth center when we were there2010-10-01We confess...2010-10-03Blessed slumber2010-10-04Grandparents2010-10-05I love the big yawns2010-10-05Win takes good care of Dale.2010-10-11First hiking trip as a family of 52010-10-13Winfield has been reading to Dale a lot lately2010-10-13Dale and Daddy2010-10-18They don't fit on my lap like this for long2010-10-241 Month!2010-10-25Holding a Dale2010-10-29I asked Win what he wanted to do.2010-11-07Workout video2010-11-10Here's an excessively long video of Dale2010-11-14Success2010-11-29This is an image that I never got around to posting2010-12-11Chatting with Dale2010-12-13Hello World!2010-12-24Merry Christmas Eve2010-12-26Christmas Day 20112011-01-10Stand up for babies everywhere...2011-01-19Where's the party?2011-02-08Hattie N Dale2011-02-12Dalers2011-02-18Yesterday we spent the day at...2011-02-19Favorite Pastimes2011-02-19Growing Up2011-02-27Where we've been2011-03-13It's time2011-03-22Mornings...2011-03-25Nope. Harriet is not quite ready to babysit.2011-04-04Dale time2011-04-06Warning...Dwight Schrute type comments ahead2011-04-08Hello! Hello!2011-04-08How to play with your new baby sister2011-04-14Please tell me...2011-05-05You can't spell funeral without...2011-05-13Tulip Time!2011-05-26Evening trip to the sun2011-06-02Open wide for the dental hygentist [sic]2011-06-03Jared rigged up a pretty sweet train2011-06-16Big Day for Dale2011-07-07We had the most fabulous 4th of July with the kids this year2011-07-07Where we've been and what we've been doing.2011-07-10Winfield the Weekend Warrior2011-07-19hot and hazy, perfect beach weather2011-07-20Last week2011-07-30Nothing on the floor is safe anymore2011-08-02The party started like this.2011-08-02Today Winfield told me...2011-08-05No no2011-08-07The kids have been asking to go back to2011-08-23Our next door neighbors gave us a swing set...2011-09-08My parents' visit2011-09-10Our neighbors built the uber-coolest backyard tree fort/swing set/jungle gym thingy in their backyard.2011-09-16Never too early to start them on some music lessons2011-09-17Point and Shoot+Toy Store+Baby=Googers in Goggles2011-09-19Favorite pastime 2011-09-22This is what I found when I went to get Dale from her nap2011-09-23Comfort2011-09-24My Birthday Twins2011-09-25This is how Dale eats2011-10-03Matching2011-10-09This is the kind of stuff that you have to do on the weekends...2011-10-15I want money...2011-10-18Mom, I hate everything that isn't...2011-10-27Mom, when I reach up and grab this table...2011-10-28A couple of weeks ago it was unseasonably warm2011-10-29Zoo trip this summer2011-11-01Take 342011-11-08A big day for a little girl2011-11-09Necessity is the mother of delicious food2011-11-14The Cabin2011-12-05In case you didn't know...2011-12-06Dale in giant shoes2011-12-15Dale really likes to put things on...2011-12-26Merry Christmas!2012-01-21Feeeee-asco2012-02-09Arizona2012-02-20We've grown2012-02-27THE Cabin2012-04-06Coloring2012-04-10This winter2012-04-13Dale's been Lego-ing with the big kids2012-04-13Teeth2012-04-14The other morning2012-04-18Dale got her own pair of2012-06-02Operation "Freaking Awesome Backyard" is starting to take shape2012-06-17Happy Father's Day Jared2012-07-22Sometimes people ask me for...2012-08-02Dale would like to wish everyone a...2012-08-02The best laid plans...2012-08-03If you are a box of blackberries...2012-08-04Last month2012-09-19Dale's first Trip to the Zoo2012-09-202 kids with fevers2012-09-21Time for Scool!2012-09-22Backyard transformation in affect2012-09-22Time to potty train2012-09-23It was a misty morning2012-09-23Last day as a 4 and 1 year old.2012-09-26The Farmer at the Farmer's market has been asking me...2012-09-27When we bought our trampoline2012-10-05Dress Rehearsal2012-10-07We Have a Pet*!!!2012-10-09BFFs2012-12-05Happy Wednesday From Dale2013-01-30We thought that it was about time to get Dale a...2013-02-02A couple of weekends ago we spent some time at The Cabin2013-02-02Happy (Belated) Birthday Dale and Harriet2013-02-04Every day for lunch I eat the same thing2013-02-06It was a pretty november day2013-02-11A quick trip to see Grandma and Bah2013-02-23Happy Birthday Jared2013-03-05This is how we do it.2013-03-06Grocery Helper2013-03-10Johnny or Alyssa2013-03-27Titanic Exhibit and Trillium Haven2013-04-21It's been a while2013-05-30Carwash! Today Only!2013-06-08You never know...2013-06-10Sometimes you gotta snuggle2013-06-12Silly Sisters2013-06-12Summertime...2013-06-24We have news!2013-07-14If you're looking for a new cell phone Dale would like to recommend her's2013-07-15Win is the kind of brother who...2013-07-16We love The Cabin2013-11-15In the past couple of days...2013-11-20Changes2013-11-27Dale's Baby Care Rule #12013-12-01Invaluable2014-01-21It must be winter2014-01-31Worlds "easiest" play dough2014-02-08Mexican train2014-03-20Take my picture2014-04-19If you're tired of playing Candyland2014-04-20After 30 odd years these Easter dresses have new owners2014-04-21Easter2014-08-25Week at the cabin2014-12-25Merry Christmas (never skip leg day)2015-04-04Sometimes bandaids do help2015-04-05Easter got really fun2015-04-08Laundry Time!2015-04-19Contrast painting2015-04-24Dale...needs no introduction2015-04-26We like to dressing beautiful Daughters in matching pajamas2015-04-30Some people have babysitters, we have Breanna