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2006-03-14Grandma Dean2006-04-07Great! Great Aunt2006-04-23Grandpa Dean2006-05-13Talking2006-07-06Different Skills2006-08-30Lessons2006-09-25Happy Birthday Aunt Johanna2006-11-18A Sad Loss2007-01-03Christmas Celebration at the Dean's2007-03-11Welcome to My Party2007-04-15More about The Cabin2007-04-15Relaxing and Reading at The Cabin2007-04-21Welcome a New Cousin2007-06-18Family Loss2007-07-23Beach Bum2007-07-25Kindschi Klan2007-07-261st, 2nd and even 3rd Cousins2007-07-26Fine Dining2007-07-26Win and Suzanne2007-08-29Grandpa Dean2007-10-12Can you tell which teddy bear is really a baby?2007-10-29Visit from Grandpa and Grandma2007-11-05Our favorite place in the world2007-12-12BAA! is Win's name for Grandpa Dean2007-12-14Fort Wayne2007-12-17Grandma and Grandgirl2008-03-14I filled up for $3.39 a gallon...but gas is still cheap to me.2008-05-10Tan and Fit2008-07-06Fun in the Fort2008-08-14We're back2008-09-02Hanging with Johanna2008-09-07A Rare Sighting2008-09-08Every couple of months or so...2008-09-24At the cabin2008-10-22Jet-set2009-05-19You can't get your ears pierced until you're 60-years-old!2009-08-07Kindschi Picnic2009-08-24Cousin #13 is Lydia Karol2009-09-29My baby is 22009-10-23Meet Pretty Boy2009-12-08I've been cleaning my computer2010-01-15To Arizona and Back2010-04-04Happy Easter!2010-05-17Last Saturday...2010-08-06We flew to Maine and back, then we bought lobsters at Meijer2010-08-23While we were soaking up beautiful Maine...2010-10-04Grandparents2010-12-20Sky Lanterns2010-12-26Christmas Day 20112011-04-06Warning...Dwight Schrute type comments ahead2011-05-05You can't spell funeral without...2011-07-29Pandas!2011-09-08My parents' visit2011-11-14The Cabin2012-02-09Arizona2012-02-27THE Cabin2013-02-11A quick trip to see Grandma and Bah2013-12-01Invaluable2014-04-20After 30 odd years these Easter dresses have new owners2014-04-21Easter