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2005-03-18Henderson Chocolate Death Cake Recipe2006-05-03Cousin Luke2006-05-22A Visit from Ohio2006-05-31Trip to BH2006-06-02Great-Grandma Hetzler2006-06-17Vacation2006-06-18Two Men, Two Giraffes2006-06-24Baseball2006-06-26A Fancy Dinner2006-11-23Thanksgiving Dinner2006-11-24Christmas Decorations2006-12-25Christmas2006-12-27Nothing to Do2007-02-10Visit from the Grandfolks2007-02-11A few more shots...2007-03-13Cousins, Cousins, Cousins2007-03-22Beacuse parenting really IS a competition2007-06-09Welcome Stella2007-07-09Cousin Chloe2007-08-05Family Picture2007-08-08Day at the Lake2007-08-13The Gang's All Here2007-08-23Same Day, Same Place, Same Camera, Same Family, Different ISO2007-09-30Grandpa Goose & Grandma Jan2007-10-13Connection2007-11-20Going Places2007-11-25Cue the snow2007-11-26Win dislikes posed pictures more than I do.2007-12-08Friend Lute2007-12-11Zoom: It's about more than getting closer.2007-12-31Blogging and Christmas don't mix2008-01-01Things to do over Christmas2008-01-02Both of Win's Grandpas Are Train Engineers2008-01-03A Yearly Tradition2008-01-04Cousin Fun Over Christmas2008-01-05Harriet gets a little attention too.2008-01-263, 2, 1, KNIT!2008-02-01Reading Over Win's Shoulder2008-02-04BEAR MAULED BY BABY2008-02-08Crab Pal2008-02-09WARNING! low quality images ahead2008-04-29Magic Moment2008-05-21To Charlotte and Back2008-07-14Any guesses on who this guy is?2008-08-15Inspiration2008-12-03Sombody was starting to look a little too much like Timothy Treadwell.2008-12-14A little late2009-01-04Davis Isaiah2009-01-13Henderson Cappuccino 2009-02-23Happy Birthday Jared2009-03-1830 and 32009-07-04Family Vacation 20092009-07-06Willow2009-07-07Passions2009-08-22Jared's parents came to visit. In 26 hours we...2009-12-03Dinner for 30 and lodging for 212010-02-23Happy 31st Birthday Jared!2010-03-02A week of parties2010-03-15We are back from our second trip to Vegas.2010-10-04Grandparents2011-04-14before doing ANYTHING, read the book2011-05-13Tulip Time!2011-05-14Favorite day of the year!2011-07-07Where we've been and what we've been doing.2012-04-18I hope I've curried enough favor with my father-in-law...2012-08-04Last month2013-03-05This is how we do it.2013-12-11School Assignment2014-02-07Their Debut 2014-06-16Visit from Jared's parents