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2006-03-23It took fifteen minutes...2006-05-13Talking2006-08-09Almost Crawling2006-08-13Chomping2006-08-27Cruisin'2006-08-28Happy Birthday2006-08-31Boys will be boys2006-10-19Handheld Toys2006-11-03Cruising2006-11-09Mr. Brown2006-11-13Laughing with Melissa2007-02-04No More Toys2007-02-15Some serious work going on2007-02-25Very Random Video2007-03-22Beacuse parenting really IS a competition2007-03-25Fun-guy2007-05-02Because Luke did it2007-06-20WIn's Second Word2007-06-21Stuntman2007-06-26A quick answer2007-07-12Tigers Baseball2007-07-24King of the Hallway2007-08-20Thank You Aaron2007-08-21Gift from Jamie, Sarah, Jordan and Stella2007-08-22Video Time2007-09-06Chatting2007-09-07More Winfield, Please.2007-10-17Winfield Vinatieri2007-10-19Sport2007-11-06Bunny Nose2007-11-20Going Places2007-11-30Win's task2007-12-04Cribs: Episode 12007-12-12BAA! is Win's name for Grandpa Dean2007-12-20Why Winfield has such a hard time falling asleep during his naptime.2007-12-23Harriet2008-01-241, 2, 3, 6, 10, 52008-02-10Just Something That Made Me Smile2008-02-12Woo22008-02-19Liiiiiibrary2008-02-21Round 5!2008-02-28TWO!2008-02-29Friends2008-03-05WARNING! Shameless bragging ahead2008-05-13Mexican Jumping Baby2008-05-23Winfield Workout2008-07-04His middle name IS Benjamin2009-03-24We've been teaching Win some verses from the Bible lately.2009-12-02Let It Snow2010-01-15Palm Tree Liker or Baby Carrie 2010-05-11Bambi seems to be the top choice on the list...2010-05-18Have you ever heard the legend that the band on the Titanic...2010-06-15Because you know that toilet time=Titanic time2010-09-27Meanwhile, in Fort Wayne2010-09-29Nothin' much happenin'2010-10-20Battle Tactics (this time it involves just the right vinegar)2010-11-04Officially Three2010-11-07Workout video2010-11-10Here's an excessively long video of Dale2010-11-14Success2010-12-11Chatting with Dale2010-12-15Win's Napkin Map2011-01-06If you enjoyed Harriet's famous song...2011-01-07Would anyone like to come over and have some walnut brownies?2011-04-08Happy Birthday Jared (6 weeks late)2011-05-25Win's new skill!2011-07-28Yes, she reads2011-07-29Pandas!2011-07-30Nothing on the floor is safe anymore2011-08-05No no2011-10-18Mom, I hate everything that isn't...2011-11-01Take 342011-11-03The other morning Win said to me...2011-12-15Dale really likes to put things on...2013-03-27Titanic Exhibit and Trillium Haven2014-01-21It must be winter2014-01-21Baby Staring 2014-02-07Their Debut 2014-04-19I'm too excited to wait2015-11-02Huck's Pronuncitation isn't the best. But he does talk.2023-07-12Introducing Gertrude